Standing apart from its peers

What sets TAG apart?

TAG Oil is enjoying considerable success as a growth orientated international oil and gas company. The Company’s established oil and gas operations, fully owned production infrastructure, established reserve base and high netback production, to name just a few pillars unique to a company our size. With a substantial inventory of well defined development and exploration opportunities within our existing portfolio, located in a proven high impact discovery fairway, TAG’s future looks even brighter than its past.


A History of International Opportunity

TAG Oil in an international oil and gas company with a significant advantage over its peers with an attractive risk / reward profile. TAG can fund itself entirely by forecasted production cash flow and working capital, and is poised for substantial reserve additions with low risk and high impact opportunities. Furthermore, in New Zealand, TAG Oil enjoys the upside of an international portfolio, low political risk and some of the most advantageous fiscal terms worldwide.

“TAG is very well positioned with near-term and long-term catalysts that can materially impact shareholder value. I don’t know of any other mid-tier international E&P company with such great optionality built into its asset base.”

-Founder and Chairman Alex Guidi

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