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Liquid, Deep and Rich
TAG is driving production and reserve growth through several key initiatives:

  1. Grow high-net-back oil and gas production in the Cheal and Sidewinder discovery areas by developing “multi-formation” oil and gas discoveries.
  2. Explore an extensive portfolio of high-impact, lower risk 3D-defined Taranaki prospects, centered in the successful Taranaki Basin discovery fairway.
  3. Target tight oil source rock formations in the East Coast Basin and potentially unlock a multi-billion barrel resource.
  4. Unlock the potential of new frontier Canterbury Basin acreage.
  5. Capitalize on extensive exploration portfolio: more than 2.7 million acres prospective for multi-billion barrel discovery potential.
  6. 100% ownership of Taranaki production infrastructure and pipeline network.

TAG Oil's 14 billion barrel resource opportunity
Oil distribution pie chart
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A proven track record...and significant upside
TAG Oil Ltd. is poised to grow rapidly in New Zealand. We are:

  • In 100% control of all core assets;
  • Established and profitable, with high-net back oil production;
  • Unlocking reserves in bypassed discoveries with enhanced drilling and completion technologies;
  • Developing multiple zone oil and gas discoveries;
  • Exploiting an inventory of more than 100 high-impact exploration prospects, prospective for major discovery;
  • Financially strong with no debt, and with a fully funded exploration program.

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