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Taranaki Basin
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Cardiff Map Cheal Map - April 2015, TAG Oil
Cardiff / Cheal
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Sidewander Map - April 2015, TAG Oil
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TAG Oil in Australia
Surat Basin
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Prospect estimates, energy outlooks and more.

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2016 Q4 ERCE Oil Price Review
Oil price scenarios based on ERC Equipoise’s comprehensive review of information available in the public domain, including global macro indicators influencing these trends. Download
The 7 Key Factors Driving Small-Cap Oil and Gas Valuations
Illuminating the key value drivers that, from an analyst’s perspective, identify the most promising small-cap oil and gas companies. Download
Cheal and Sidewinder proven producing and probable reserves
Petroleum and natural gas reserves at Cheal and Sidewinder, assessed by Sproule International Limited Download
Cardiff Prospect Estimate: 230 bcf & 14 mmbbl
Undiscovered in-place and prospective reserves independently assessed by Sproule Download