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oversupply of oil

The current oil oversupply – in perspective with years past

According to a recent EIA report, the current oversupply of oil is at about a million barrels. Compare that with 2008, when the market was oversupplied by four to five million barrels of oil, and we hit one of the worst recessions in history. Now compare that with the 1998 Asian financial crisis, when the market…

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How to be an economic force for good

It’s one of my top priorities for TAG Oil to conduct its business in a socially and environmentally responsible way for the benefit of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, business partners, host and home governments, and local communities. I personally strive to, and encourage staff as well, to continuously improve performance, and to act in…

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Where are oil prices going next?

Was reading an entertaining article titled I Have No Idea Where Oil Prices Are Going (And Neither Do You) which got me thinking. While we’re understandably bullish on oil at TAG Oil, this piece made a good point that anyone who purports to see all the oil pricing trends is clearly engaged in revisionist history…or…

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TAG goes to APPEA – Come see us!

  In a week, TAG will be attending and hosting a booth at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia, May 17 to 20, 2015.   APPEA (Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association) is one of the largest upstream oil and gas events in the world, and the largest in the southern hemisphere, with…

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Corporate buybacks at TAG Oil

A healthy flow of corporate buybacks is creating shareholder value. This publicly available chart from also shows that TAG Oil insiders recognize TAG is undervalued, and are buying shares.

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Historic downturns of WTI Crude Oil

I find this graph interesting for a few reasons. First of all, based on previous oil price crashes, it appears that we’re at the bottom of this current cycle. The only problem I have is that the current oil market remains oversupplied. It will ultimately get absorbed, without a doubt, and although there are a new…

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Undervalued deep value stock? Unicorn? Both?

We’re pleased to see TAG’s undervalued stock price getting some common sense insight. Being compared to a unicorn (“…What should we call a stock trading at less than 1.5X cash flow? I would call it a Unicorn, because such low valuations are not supposed to exist. This article will not only prove the existence of…

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Production Cost Winner: TAG Oil ranks in the top tier

There’s been a lot of debate regarding the future of oil prices (see March 19 post for one example), and everyone has their own theory about how long the low prices will last. One obvious item that informs cost, is the pure cost of production, which brings us to this graph showing what it costs to…

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BNN oil price interview with former Shell President (video)

A must-view for anyone interested in fluctuating oil prices. Former Shell President John Hofmeister gives his opinion on why oil will be back trading at $80 by year-end. 

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