Risk-Managed, High-Impact Operations

New Zealand MapTAG Oil's operations are focused exclusively in New Zealand: the Taranaki and East Coast Basins of New Zealand's North Island, and the Canterbury Basin on the South Island.

Activities include oil and gas production in the Taranaki Basin, development of several discoveries, production infrastructure and high-impact exploration drilling across 2,720,358 acres of land prospective for discovery at several play levels.

In the East Coast Basin, TAG Oil is pursuing the extensive unconventional resource potential in tight oil formations that are widespread over the Company's acreage. These thermally mature source-rock formations have many similarities to North America's Bakken Shale source-rock formation in the successful Williston Basin.

On New Zealand's South Island, TAG is in the early stages of exploring the Canterbury Basin, a lightly explored frontier which is geologically similar to the productive Taranaki Basin and believed to contain significant discovery potential.


TAG's Oil & Gas Projects
Permit Basin Interest Acreage Status
38156 Cardiff Deep Gas Discovery Taranaki 100% 7,487 Appraisal
38156 Cheal Discoveries Taranaki 100% 7,487 Production/  Exploration
52181 Kaheru Offshore JV Taranaki 40% 77,039 Exploration
38748 Sidewinder Discovery Taranaki 100% 4,275 Development/  Exploration
55769 Sidewinder Taranaki 100% 2,916 Exploration
55770 East Coast East Coast 60% 106,157 Exploration
53803 Sidewinder Discovery Taranaki 100% 714 Development/  Exploration
54873 Heatseeker Taranaki 100% 26,327 Exploration
54876 North Cheal Taranaki 50% 3,914 Exploration
54877 East Cheal Taranaki 70% 6,158 Exploration
54879 South Cheal Taranaki 50% 1,102 Exploration
38348 Waitangi Hill Discovery East Coast 100% 198,421 Exploration
38349 Boar Hill Frontier East Coast 100% 634,048 Exploration
53674 Wairarapa Frontier East Coast 100% 595,524 Exploration
52589 Oamaru Onshore / Offshore Canterbury 100% 1,165,349 Exploration