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TAG Oil is a leading oil and gas operator in New Zealand with production operations and exploration activities, including modern production infrastructure. The Company operates nine exploration and production permits in the Taranaki Basin, including a 40 percent interest in shallow water offshore permit Kaheru. The Company owns its state-of-the-art infrastructure, and is linked directly to Taranaki’s main gas distribution pipeline.

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Oil-and-Gas-Operations in the Taranaki Basin
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Production & Exploration

TAG operates two producing oil and gas fields, the Cheal and Sidewinder, which are under appraisal and development. Our producing operations and field development balance TAG’s high-impact exploration activities in the Taranaki Basin discovery fairway.

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The Company’s modern production infrastructure and associated pipeline network expedite commercialization of new oil and gas wells from field development, and has opened attractive opportunities in power generation, gas marketing, and third-party processing.

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With success via the drill bit, TAG Oil is building upon its audited proven and probable reserve base of approximately 5.98 million BOE for fiscal year 2014. TAG has substantial undiscovered resource potential to fuel future reserve additions.

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TAG Oil: How we work

How We Work

Target precisely, use the right tools for the prospect, keep a small footprint, and maximize our investment: following these guidelines helps TAG Oil to be a considerate neighbor, economic contributor to New Zealand, and a good investment.

Waitangi Hill bubbles crude oil

Waitangi Hill Bubbles Crude Oil

Historical well on New Zealand’s East Coast still has live oil in the wellbore.