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Production and Exploration

TAG has two oil and gas fields in production, Cheal and Sidewinder, with several additional fields under development. TAG Oil is a relatively low-cost producer receiving Brent Oil pricing, and the natural gas TAG produces is sold domestically at a premium to North America pricing. Development and exploration activities are ongoing and are focused on step out and exploration wells in a proven high-impact discovery fairway.

“Our operations provide TAG’s shareholders with a number catalysts, and provide the opportunity for TAG to become a larger producer and reserve-based organization.”

– CEO Alex Guidi

TAG Oil Sidewinder Permits


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Shallow Production

TAG is developing two oil and gas fields in the Mt. Messenger and Urenui formations between 1400 to 2000 meter depths. With lightly-explored surrounding acreage also prospective for development provides TAG with many years of low-risk drilling and reserve growth opportunities.

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Deep Development

TAG’s deep prospects in Taranaki are on trend with major fields and have significant resource potential. Our Cardiff-3 well provides encouragement for development of a substantial liquids rich gas resource.

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