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TAG’s near-term catalysts noted in a new investor “Top-Picks” report

Noted Canadian investment bank, M Partners, just released its Top Five Picks for 2014, and TAG Oil made the cut. The report highlights the up and comers on the firm’s investment radar for the year ahead, and each of the five companies profiled is expected “to lead their respective universe of coverage over the course of the year.”   So, what do they like about TAG Oil?   They appreciate TAG’s strategy of establishing its cash-flowing production base in Taranaki to fund the search for higher impact, deep gas plays with considerable…

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A view from the oil field

The Cheal sites have been active these past few months, and we’ve finally gotten some photos in from the field. From Cheal A to G, we’re making improvements, loading oil, and preparing to tie in more wells.

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Protest leaflet gives TAG the opportunity to address misinformation

A group protesting TAG Oil’s plans to explore for a potential new gas field near Mt. Taranaki recently distributed a leaflet with incorrect and misleading information that our team felt compelled to address. While we know that oil and gas exploration – and energy consumption in general – can be a very polarizing topic, we’re still disappointed that the protesters chose to inflame the conversation rather than to have an informed discussion.   The call to protest was made by Climate Justice Taranaki and Frack Free Kapiti and Beyond –…

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