Low Excitement, High Value: Workover Update

Single crane at Cheal Field workoverTAG continues to focus on low risk, low capital activities that create incremental production increases across the greater Cheal assets. These may not be as exciting as new exploration, but they keep the oil, gas, and revenue flowing.

Workover updates across Greater Cheal assets

Since the September update, we’ve wrapped up work on A12 and B5 and have good news to report from the workover on B8, BH1, and B10. Even better, all work was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and without incident. 

A12 Update

The rod pump installed in September has been fully commissioned and operational since October 16th. This important piece of infrastructure improves reservoir drawdown, increases reliability, and reduces operational expenditures.

At the same time, the engineering teams completed the surface facilities’ hook up for A12. It’s been tested and recommissioned, and the well is back online and producing oil.

B5 Update

After the Rival-1 rig was demobilized from Cheal A12 we moved it to Cheal B5 in order to perform repairs and maintenance on the Electronic Submersible Pump (ESP). The ESP provides additional reservoir draw-down and real-time sub-surface data, which improves the overall reliability and performance of the well.

  • The ESP was recommissioned and performance tested, and has been operational since October 12th.
  • The well is back in production and fully optimized for current flowing conditions of 90 to 100 BOE/d.

Cheal B8, BH1 and B10

Wireline was utilized to set retrievable gauges near the producing formation within the well bore.   After capturing flowing and build-up pressures, the gauges were then recovered for download and analysis.

  • These pressure gauges were deployed on a number of wells with in the greater Cheal area to help us evaluate the well’s operation and monitor performance and improve reservoir management.
  • Reservoir pressure data has indicated a number of the wells within the Cheal B pool have connectivity and would benefit from water flooding, providing yet another opportunity for low capital low risk incremental production.

Cranes can be seen onsite supporting the running of down hole gauges to capture pressure data to support the design of the fields waterflood project. Crane sites: BH1 (left, and above) and Cheal B8 (right).

Cheal Workover Cranes