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The Cardiff Deep Gas Discovery is TAG OIl’s

TAG Oil is now the proud holder of PMP 38156-D. It’s within the same permit boundary as our PMP 38156-S, where we’re producing oil and gas and developing discoveries in shallower formations. This ends the old permit split and TAG now controls 100% of all prospective formations within PMP 38156. The Cardiff structure has been identified as a large anticlinal trap, some 12 km long by 3 km wide, with a number of potential pay zones within the Kapuni Sands Formation. Situated on trend and among several sizable deep gas/condensate discoveries…

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Welcome to TAG Oil’s new blog.

We wanted a spot to post photos and news from the field in New Zealand, and a blog seemed like the ideal spot. We’ll do our best to keep things fresh.   Drop by to see what we’re up to behind the scenes, and to see our photos from the field. We have a lot of irons in the fire as far as exploratory drilling and production, and maybe there will be another new light oil discovery in our future. At the very least we’ll have a lot of great…

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