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High-impact, reserve based growth

For TAG Oil the greatest opportunities still lie ahead.  We are an established oil producer at the forefront of exploration and production activity in the Taranaki Basin of stable New Zealand. We are a growing high netback oil producer with developing oil and gas fields, and prime acreage holder in the high impact Taranaki discovery fairway.

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On executives as shareholders

I admire corporate executives who have significant investments in their own companies.

In addition to my career in the petroleum sector, I began investing in junior oil companies when I was 21.  Even from that early age, when I’d consider companies for potential investment I would do—and still do—plenty of research: reading annual reports, analyst reports, and articles on the firm. Many times I end up reading positive articles where owning shares is popularly considered a no-brainer decision. After my research however, I’m frequently surprised to find that executives and authors do not themselves own shares in this otherwise “excellent” investment.

Undervalued “deep value” stock? Unicorn?

Production cost winner: TAG Oil

There’s been a lot of debate regarding the future of oil prices. One obvious item that informs cost, is the pure cost of production, which brings us to this graph showing what it costs to produce a barrel of oil around the world. 

Global oil cost


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TAG Oil Updates New Zealand Production and Operations

Mr. Alex Guidi provides an update on the Company’s Taranaki Basin oil and gas production, operations, and coming drilling activity.

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