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High-impact, reserve based growth

TAG Oil is an established oil and gas exploration and production company at the forefront of activity in the Taranaki Basin of stable New Zealand. We are a growing high-netback oil producer with developing oil and gas fields, and prime acreage holder in the high-impact Taranaki discovery fairway. TAG Oil has a rich history of success, and our greatest opportunities still lie ahead.  

The 7 Key Factors Driving Small-Cap Oil and Gas Valuations


7-key-factors-report-thumb-227-shadowThe historic lows of oil prices over the past year have taken small-cap oil and gas valuations down along with them. But we know that the oil price pendulum always swings back. The question is when, and when it does, will our investments be well positioned to take advantage of the price turnaround?

As prices and valuations begin to creep back up, now is the time to look for opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

To take advantage of this unique and challenging investing environment, TAG Oil commissioned UK-based analyst Jamal Orazbayeva to author an independent, objective,  report: The 7 Key Factors Driving Small-Cap Oil and Gas Valuations. She had free rein, and produced a thoughtful, thorough, informative, 24-page report that TAG is offering to its readers.  Get the report here >

CAPEX reduction = higher oil prices

There is an old adage that says: “The only cure for low oil prices is low oil prices.” The oil industry is one of the most capital intensive on the planet, and without significant amounts of capital to reinvest, production starts to decline. When production declines, oil prices tend to rise to….oil capex

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More to New Zealand than meets the eye

If you look at New Zealand below the ocean, you’ll find that most of its continental landmass is submerged. In fact, the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of New Zealand is 20 times bigger than the landmass above….

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of New Zealand






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TAG Oil FY2016 Conference Call information & Corporate Update

Vancouver, B.C. – June 21, 2016 – TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX: TAO and OTCQX: TAOIF) is pleased to announce that Mr. Henrik Lundin is commencing his position as TAG Oil’s Chief Operating Officer on June 27, 2016, and will be based in the Company’s operations’ office in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Toby Pierce, CEO commented,…

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